ArchiTeam 2017 Awards by David Roper

Joel made some trophies
It took him 4 days
They were popular
Understandably very popular

photo Tatjana Plitt

Melbourne Knowledge Week Hub Up Until May 13 by David Roper

After 3 months of planning it came down to an 18 hour instal and happy to say all went to plan  - other than the scissor lifts arriving very late and one blowing up! 

Great crew to work with at Grimshaw, City of Melbourne, Arup, Swinburne & The Meat Market

Shame its only up for one week!

Some beautiful photos are included in the article / link below



Embla level 1 under way by David Roper

Our Ian is pretty happy to be working with Christian and Embla again on their much anticipated level 1 restaurant.  Eat & drink there if you have not already.  Pretty pretty pretty good.