Stephen Baker Mosaics at Melbourne Central by David Roper

Eddie Zammit asked us if we could research, source and produce 20+ large mosaic tile designs by Melbourne artist Stephen Baker for GPT / Melbourne Central Shopping Centre. We’ve pulled it all together and happy to say the project has been confirmed.


ArchiTeam 2017 Awards by David Roper

Joel made some trophies
It took him 4 days
They were popular
Understandably very popular

photo Tatjana Plitt

Melbourne Knowledge Week Hub Up Until May 13 by David Roper

After 3 months of planning it came down to an 18 hour instal and happy to say all went to plan  - other than the scissor lifts arriving very late and one blowing up! 

Great crew to work with at Grimshaw, City of Melbourne, Arup, Swinburne & The Meat Market

Shame its only up for one week!

Some beautiful photos are included in the article / link below



Embla level 1 under way by David Roper

Our Ian is pretty happy to be working with Christian and Embla again on their much anticipated level 1 restaurant.  Eat & drink there if you have not already.  Pretty pretty pretty good.