Supa Dupa Industries Wins Sustainability Victoria Grant To Upgrade HordyPly Processing Plant / by David Roper

We are thrilled to announce a successful grant application in Round 4 of the Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund via Sustainability Victoria and The State Government of Victoria.

The grant provides Supa Dupa Industries with matched funding for upgrading machinery to process higher volumes of HordyPly.

HordyPly is our recycled plywood sheet product made from building site hoarding material. Temporary fencing & scaffolding companies give us end of life hoarding plywood instead of paying tip fee’s and dumping in land-fill. We clean it up, laminate it and use it in building projects and furniture manufacturing.

In year one the upgraded plant will divert at least 500 tonnes of waste entering land-fill.

It is the only genuine recycled plywood product available and we plan to offer it commercially in 2020.