Urban Tactility for Open House Melbourne / by David Roper

The perennially popular Open House Melbourne returns for its 12th year with 73 new sites across the central city and suburban Melbourne.

In 2019, Open House Melbourne will focus on accessibility and inclusivity through its keynote exhibition Urban Tactility, an installation by OoPLA Architects and Cushman and Wakefield designed to encourage people to think about how people with disabilities and vision impairment navigate the city.

Supa Dupa Industries were commissioned by OoPla Architects and Open House Melbourne to advise and install the Urban Tactility artwork in the Immigration Museums beautiful tiered courtyard. The challenge was how to quickly apply 3700 tactile indicators semi-permanently on 5 different surfaces and remove in 3 weeks without a trace.

In the weeks prior we did many adhesive tests and eventually found a transparent sealant polymer that would bond to the different surfaces and most important would easily come off and not leach or leave any marks when removed. We then CNC’d a variety of templates for ease of install and crossed our fingers for a few dry Melbourne winter days. Happy to say it all worked out.